Pokemon: Stop a man for traffic of stolen cards from an McDonalds

If you are a Pokémon fan and follow all the news about the license, you will know that the famous Pokémon letters have returned to the menus of the Happy Meals, at least in the United States for the moment (they will arrive a little later). As a result, he gave ideas to some people, particularly a McDonald’s employee… what he did is not very ethical, yes.


Employee of McDonald’s imprisoned for smuggling of Pokémon letters

Therefore, history took place in the United States of America, and more precisely in Arizona. As we said, Pokémon’s letters are effectively back in the Happy Meals, and although these have less value than the real letters, the most staunch fans continue to throw themselves on top of them to be able to make the collection and thus have them all.

As a result, unfortunately this attracted malicious people, and in particular to this employee of McDonald’s who, therefore, wanted to take advantage of the passion of Pokémon fans .

You already know, but there are called scalpers. The latter, as soon as a launch is approaching, whether for example launches of consoles such as the PS5 or releases such as those of Pokémon cards, do not hesitate to use bots in order to have all possible consoles or letters and resell everything for gold. This is why the unfortunate victims wanted to compensate for this new collection, but at what price!

In fact, according to an article by The Gila Hearld, A 32-year-old man, a fast food giant employee, was arrested after a police officer discovered that he had stolen Pokémon cards .

The agent discovered no less than 200 Pokémon Poques Escondidos in a box, and these envelopes included the McDonald’s logo. If the story ended there, perhaps things could have been less serious for our man, but he seemed to have his tongue out since he could not help telling the police that he was going to sell these famous cards to a friend…

Then, the McDonald’s where he worked was notified of the robbery, and was understandably fired and is currently behind bars in Graham County.