Marvel future revolution

She-Hulk reveals the existence of crucial character for the future UCM

Officially She-Hulk has two episodes on the Disney Plus platform, and although it has not been liked by all audiences, the series carries some rather interesting Easter eggs. And in chapter two, clues of what would mean the future of UCM , especially with important characters from Marvel to reach the universe.

While our protagonist is looking for work on the Internet, in the lower right of the screen you can see the phrase that says why is there a giant statue of a man in the ocean? This regarding the Eternals movie and its end. But more importantly, says man with claws fights in a bar being a direct track to Wolverine .

Since the acquisition of Fox by Disney , it has been mentioned that at some point the mutants will make their appearance in the Marvel films franchise. There has not been talk of anything specific. But this Logan track could be the first indication, after all , She-Hulk is a character that defends beings with powers worldwide.

Remember that the series is available in Disney Plus .