We have taken a new look at Victoria 3

Today the resource management games have been very scarce, but Paradox Development Studio has continued with its projects, and one of the most prominent is Victoria 3 , a video game in which we are in The nineteenth century, discovering areas of which goods can be exploited and progress little by little as a society.

A couple of days ago we have been able to lend a hand, and I must comment that development is on the right track, since the management of actions is the fastest, and thanks to this the quality of life is much greater for speed. In turn, the administration is perceived as more prominent, since everything carries an order that makes the heaviest tasks something that we will carry out with pleasure.

It is worth pointing out that we must be aware of our units and peoples, since problems that get out of control and therefore, the fall of people can be like a dominoes can arise. For that reason, the conditions in which the peoples of different items are found.

Although it seems complicated to understand, diplomacy is important, since that will depend the most basic management to the most complex, since we can acquire food, fish, dig up materials and other important objects to grow. Of course, at the beginning it is an overwhelming start processing all the information, but with time and patience you can master.

Almost everyone is explorable with our mouse cursor, so you can see the technological advances of each region, this includes America, Europe, Asia, and many places of interest that also go on the historical side. Because of how little I could try, I feel that it is a release that will please fans of this next release.

The title will be launched in PC . For now there is no release date.