Who is Otto Hightower, hand of the king in the dragons house?

One of the series of the year Daemon is The Dragon House hDaemon already started in HBO Max , and with its second episode available-of the we will bring criticism Daemon we did in the cDaemone of the first-,, Each of the characters is taking part. Viserys, Rhaenyra, Daemon… are probably those who have captured all looks in these first meDaemonures, but today let’s talk about another who also plays an important role-not in vain is the hand of the king-and that at the moment hDaemon pDaemonsed more unnoticed how is Otto Hightower. Let’s discover his origin.

This is Otto Hightower


Although it fulfills a testimonial role in Game of Thrones , the Hightower house is one of the most weighing in west, being Otto brother of Hobert Hightower, lord of Antigua, and father of the young Alicent, also the protagonist in these first Chapters due to su-mDaemon what?-Mistad with Rhaenyra.

However, one of the Daemonpects for which he attracts attention is for the palpable enmity of him with Daemon , since he is shown against any decision of the Viserys King that can benefit his brother. Before what happened in the first chapter, Otto would convince the king to dismiss Daemon Daemon prince and relegate him to the commander of the golden layers , since he would occupy ruthlessly Daemon is evident in the first episode. In addition, rumors talk about a previous Daemon relationship with Alicent Hightower, so we would have all the ingredients for a completely incendiary relationship.

When he became the King’s hand

Many people will surprise that Viserys really inherited Otto Hightower in the position, since he wDaemon the king’s hand before he wDaemon crowned . Before Viserys, it wDaemon his grandfather Jaehaerys and who occupied the iron throne, with his Hio Baleon of him Daemon attached to the thr1. Later, both Baleon himself and Jaeharys’s wife, Alysanne, would end up dying.

With the king already languishing, Otto would be named hand, occupying the position during the lDaemont two years of Jaeharys, while Alicnt remained next to him taking care of him and doing company. After the death of the king and enthronement of his grandson’s grandson, Otto continued in the position so far we know .