How to get a foam bath marker at Roblox Find The Markers

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With these The Secret of Foliage Find the Marcers update added nine more markers for players detecting, including the one that we will consider in this brief guide, Bath marker with foam .

Search for Bath Marker with foam in Find The Markers

After you appeared in Find the Markers, head to the disheveled area depicted below, and enter the circled house.

Inside this house on the second floor there is a brown shelf-take a wrench that lies on this shelf, pressing e .

Having a wrench, leave the house, leave the area, head to the forest area on the map and find the factory shown below.

However, instead of entering the factory, as usual, we are going to turn right at the front door and walk along the alley leading to its back.

You should see an automatic circuit breaker / electric box attached to the wall in this part of the lane at the factory. Go to this electric box and click e to open it.

Now click the switch inside this field by choosing it. Having done this, you will send a wave of energy to a hidden water pump on the map. When the water pump is turned on, the time has come to turn it on and, in turn, detect several leaking pipes that must be repaired. To find a water pump, go to a small pond where you can find a straw marking of Bendy.

To get to the straw marker Bendy and the water pump, you need to enter this pond and go forward until you reach its edge. Once here, configure the camera to look at the front of your Robloxian. Having done this, you should notice a small square hole hidden behind the pond waterfall.

It’s difficult to enter this hole, since you will need to get off the ledge, spin in the air and press the move key, and all this in a quick sequence. Your Robloxian will land in the pit and will face the water pump, if everything is done correctly.

Press e when a hint of interaction appears to enable the water pump. At the same time, water will break out of one of the pipes attached to the pump. To restore it, click e .

After repairing this pipe, return to the point of appearance of experience and find the pipe depicted below. Repair this pipe by going up to it and pressing e .


The next pipe that you need to repair is in the sewer. To enter the sewer, jump into a small pond, the surrounding Olde store, and float into the grill depicted below.

Touching the lattice, you automatically teleport the sewage system.

The pipe that needs to be fixed can be seen from the point of revival of the sewage system.

Having fixed this pipe, return to the main point of the appearance of markers and return to the old district, where we gathered a wrench at the beginning of this leadership. Two more subsided pipes must be repaired in a small lane to the left of the house with a wrench.

After the repair of these two pipes, the Bubble Bath Marker marker will appear. To find it, enter the house to the left of the lane-through the window you will see a foam bath marker!

In the bath, on the second floor of this house, a foam bath marker is soaked. To add this marker to your MarkerDex, just go and tap it.

After that, you should get a pop-up window below!

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