Pokemon Unite has a strongest team in Dande and Shirona! Announced the 2nd Anniversary Event 2nd where Miu also participates

Pokemon Co., Ltd. has announced the second anniversary of release event in the team strategic battle Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch/Smartphone.

Pokemon Unite celebrates its first anniversary from the start of the smartphone version on September 22, 2022. To commemorate this, several events will excite the game after September.

In addition to the participation of new Pokemon such as Miu, the new map Taia Sora Ruins waiting for Lekuza and others appears, and Intrusion! Trainer Battle, which can fight the strongest team formed in Dande and Sirona, all must-see. It is an event.

◆ The stage is a new map! Teia Sora Ruins waiting for Lekuza

From September 2, the stage of the rank match and standard battle will be changed to Taia Sora Ruins. Wild Pokemon and Pokemon that appear in the middle of the battle are also renewed according to the atmosphere of the archeological site.

The cashier receki that appears on the upper route is reliable as a friend who attacks the goals more than ever when KO. On the lower route, the resilock, registered, and registers will appear randomly, gaining the effect of enhancing all KOs. The effects that can be obtained differ depending on the Pokemon to KO.

In the remaining 2 minutes of the battle, Lekuza appears in the central legend pit. If you KO, you can get a shield that does not disturb the goal. The attack power and goal speed increase while the shield remains. Battles that are not distracted until the end are unfolded.

◆ Pokemon license additional rush! 3 new animals appear

Miu will participate in Miu on September 2, Dodrio on September 15, and Hassam will participate on September 29. Details will be announced in what kind of Pokemon each is.

◆ You can get Miu’s Unite license! Mission event holding

From 16:00 on September 2, a Miu stone board challenge will be held where you can get Miu’s Unit license by clearing the mission.

Every time you clear the mission, the progress of the piece of stone plate accumulates and you get the stone slab. Collect six stone slabs to get Miu’s Unite license. In addition, if you use a gem, you will be able to advance the event faster.

The event is until 8:59 on October 13. During the event, you cannot purchase Miu’s Unite license at the Unit Battle Secretariat. It will be available for purchase from 9:00 on October 13 immediately after the event.

◆ Battle Pass season 10 Elegant Style-Miu opens!

From 16:00 on September 2, Battle Pass Season 10 Elegant Style-Miu will start. The hollowware that can be obtained with this premium pass is Elegant Style-Miu and Sasai Style-Marilli.

◆ Standing the strongest champion! Intravment! Trainer battle held

Trainer battle will be held from 16:00 on September 9 to 8:59 on October 7. At the start of UNight Battle, the strongest team of Dande, Sirona Corni, Kibana Blue, randomly intruded and stands in front of the player.

Trainer battle coins, which can be obtained according to the battle record, can be exchanged for trainers costume (Dande) where you can enjoy the feeling of Dande.

In addition, an event will be held to battle with Dande and others using the Trainer Battle Challenge Ticket. Trainer battle challenge tickets can be purchased at Eoscoin in addition to one free day.

◆ Friend invitation campaign is held!

From 9:00 on September 15 to 8:59 on October 7, the Friend Invitation Campaign will be held. If you invite a new friend to Pokemon Unit, both the invited side and the side you are able to get a gift.

The invited side can randomly receive a hollow ware ticket or energy boot tank, but the invited side will receive a Takigi style Hollow Wear if you win the rank match a certain number of times after linking the invitation code. increase.

Also, from 9:00 on September 22 to 8:59 on October 6, a Return Trainer Cooperation Event will be held. You can get a variety of rewards at the point of collecting teams with friends who have not logged in for more than 14 days and collecting battles.

◆ Rank Match New Series Start!

At 16:00 on September 2, the rank match series 6 begins. By raising the rank rate, you can get items of Series 6 specifications.

The ranking match series 6 is held until 8:59 on October 13. It has been shortened to about 1.5 months, and the width of the rank reset at the start of the series is adjusted so that you can reach the same rank as before.

◆ Achieve the mission and get a special hollowware!

Taia’s old coin can be obtained by achieving missions such as Battle. You can get items that are useful for battles by turning the capsule director. In addition, you can get a special holoware by pulling the capsule 20 times.

The event will be held from 16:00 on September 2 to 8:59 on September 22nd, and the second from 9:00 on September 22 to 8:59 on October 13. In the first 20th reward, you can get Tuxedo Style-Fushigibana, and in the 2nd 20th reward, you can get Tuxedo Style-Efi.

Pokemon Unit is being distributed for Nintendo Switch/smartph1. It is a free item billing system for basic play.

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