All the bad guys can skip! Started distribution of MIDNIGHT FIGHT EXPRESS that looked down

Humble Games released today on August 24 for PC/PlayStation/Xbox, a proximity fighting action developed by Developer Jacob DZWINEL for PC/PlayStation/Xbox.


The player operates the main character of the crime underground organization, Baby Face, and fights to prevent the plan of an organization trying to take over the whole city, led by a mysterious drone voice.

The feature of this work is a refreshing proximity battle action with exhilaration. The movement of a professional stuntman is used in the motion, which shows a powerful movement. The proximity fighting action of such a fight can be customized by unlocking the skill tree by increasing the level.

In addition to fists, there are scenes that use a variety of weapons, such as knives, ax, shotgun-like gun firearms, and objects around them.

Midnight Fight Express is being distributed for PC (Steam, Humble Store)/PS4/Xbox One. (It also supports Xbox Game Pass.) In addition, this work is compatible with Japanese. The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released in the latter half of September.