Sony talks about the addition of Death Stranding A Game Pass

Very recently there was news that baffled a lot of public, and that was the addition of Death Stranding to the PC version for Game Pass, and although it is available in Steam, the that arrives at an official place of Microsoft is strange. And so that there are no doubt, the medium Push Square has contacted a spokesman for Sony .

It is much known that despite being a product developed by Kojima Productions , intellectual property belongs to PlayStation and the person who has the information confirms that they had nothing to do with the treatment. And it is that the publication of the game in PC is taking it 505 Games , so Sony was not in any way involved.

Here your statements:

The issues related to the launch of Death Stranding for PC are managed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games. Sie has no participation in this promotion.

It is worth mentioning that after this they have demanded to Kojima that it is launched for consoles Xbox , but this is practically impossible, since the distribution has Sony in its entirety. To this is added that the game in Game Pass will be the standard version, and will not come with the content that the director’s cut of a year ago.


Remember that the title comes next August 23 at the service.