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Vikings on Trampolines: Koop

Vikings on Trampolines is a co-op adventure for 1 to 4 players, in which you as well as your buddies need to master the art of jumping trampoline to maintain your vibrant group of Viking in a number of amusing settings as well as mini-games, all of which in the characteristic pixel graphics by Simon S. Andersen from D-Pad Studio.

The Tale setting of Vikings on Trampolines offers you with the task of conserving King VI and reversing the curse of balloo. You have to discover the path of the trampoline as well as use your jumping methods while you start brigade versus Balloonies, which also includes a number of intimidating and remarkable managers complete of character.

D-PAD Studio, the makers of Owlboy, reveal their brand-new title Vikings on Trampolines for PC and also gaming consoles.


Jo-Remi Madsen from D-Pad Studio, said: Vikings on Trampolines began as one of our little speculative projects that won the very first Nordic Games Indie Experience Award in 2011. After the magazine of Owlboy, we came back to the suggestion and have further developed it to an enjoyable, full, complete co-op journey! With Simon’s extraordinary art, an amazing soundtrack and a special principle, we wish to provide a game that is breaking with personality and top quality for which D-Pad Studio is understood.

There are a number of globes to discover, each with various phases, challenges and bosses that are spread over their continents. Change new settings as well as arenas for versus mode during the video game.

With a story setting, in which you have to quit the aeriform villain balloonia, in addition to a neck and neck knowledgeable mode, vikings on trampolines are packed with mini-playing, battling, stunning employers, balloon football as well as more. All of this can be had fun with a single thumb stick to make sure that the video game appropriates for players of every ages and also you can be a master of the air in a snap.

You can take a more detailed look at the bouncing Vikings in the news trailer: