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Fortnite: How was the first battle pass? A revolution with a dance like emblem

It may surprise you, but Fortnite has been with us for five years. Five years in which he has left his mark on video games with collaborations with franchises such as Star Wars , Naruto , DC , Marvel or soon Dragon Ball, as well as with shocking moments such as cube or rocket . Epic Games’s Battle Royale yes, it was not always as we see today.

And maybe you are very curious to know How was that first battle pass , the payment rewards system that encourages you to play and level up to get more gifts. Let’s travel together to Fortnite’s dawn, and discover together the start of a key monetization system in current video games.

The pass was not exit

Contrary to what many may think now, Fortnite did not start with a battle pass . But one thing does not remove the other, that does not mean that it will come out without rewards depending on what we played. There was a system of levels and experience that can remind us of the pass of a few seasons, just before the last update.

There was no paid pass, and all rewards were available for all players. In the upper table you can check those six objects. During the 50 days that this first season lasted, The players could climb to level 35 and get two skins, an icon, a peak and two wing-elta .

It all started in season 2

It was necessary to wait for December 14, 2017 , at which time Fortnite took the way we know today. floors chopped or potions of shield small are several of the examples of things that we now consider basic, but that did not reach the Second season of the first Fortnite chapter.

But perhaps the most important thing was the battle pass. The possibility of getting objects for free when climbing level was maintained, but the payment system we know today was created. Through about 950 turkeys, the same sum as now, rewards could be obtained worth more than 25,000 units of the game of the game.

The battle pass lasted from that December 14 to February 20, already expanding its duration against the first probatures. With his purchase, the player was already doing with the appearance of blue squire, 50% of extra experience in departure, 10% extra experience for friends and daily challenges of the battle pass, not available for players who do not They buy it.

Four aspects and a historical dance

You can see examples of the more than 65 rewards available when leveling level . According to Epic Games, he would take us between 75 and 150 hours of playing them all, and the level purchase system with turkeys was already available. What was also the possibility of unlocking 1000 turkeys, being able to leave the next battle pass, something that is still in force in Fortnite 5 years later.

Perhaps the most important thing about this battle pass, or at least what has endured until today is the dance Floss . The dances arrived this season, especially creating the dental thread a before and after. Before it was a dance invented by a kid with a backpack, it had now become the characteristic Fortnite movement.


It is completely true that the passes of now are even better, since they offer many more things than before, and continue at the same price. But the importance of this first Fortnite battle pass is that it transformed monetization into free games . In a way it is not nonsense to think that he made more to eliminate (or rather to leave obsolete) the booty boxes, than all press criticisms and players.