SC Freiburg – BVB 1: 3: BVB transforms behind many thanks to goalkeeper errors and also 3 joker

BVB has a hard time versus SC Freiburg for a very long time, yet turns a 0-1 deficiency at SC Freiburg to 3: 1 (0: 1) late. A capturing celebrity and a negative goat by Mark Flekken assist Edin Terzic to win the second victory in the 2nd Bundesliga game.

  • Michael Gregoritsch (35th), Jamie Bynoe-Gitten (77th), Youssoufa Moukoko (84th) and Marius Wolf (88.) racked up the goals
  • Anthony Modeste made it directly into the BVB starting eleven in his launching, but the objectives scored three jokers
  • Sports supervisor Sebastian Kehl gave an understanding right into the additional transfer planning as well as revealed in some rumors before the game

Qualities: Two five for the ideal BVB side-in-controlled modeste debut

SC Freiburg versus BVB: The analysis

The game kept what it had actually promised from the beginning: pressing-intensive football. Both begun with 4-2-3-1 formations and also tried to act very boldy as well as powerfully, specifically in midfield. This brought about some ball losses in the game structure, with Freiburg initially dealing far better. Particularly on the right-hand side, the Breisgauer came to break through repeatedly.

In the second half, BVB took control much a lot more usually. Between the 60th and 45th minute alone, the black and yellow involved 68 percent ownership. The combination game continued to be also fixed to really radiate threat and also the offending changing moments ended up being much less frequent due to an absence of Freiburg ball losses. Nevertheless, more advancements come from BVB using the right. Wolf pertained to substantially more excellent activities than Meunier in the initial fifty percent.

The several round losses in midfield continued to be troublesome. Dahoud alone came to 16 in the control center. Flekken slid through the hands of the long-distance shot of Bynoe-Gitten and also placed BVB back on the right track (77. ). Driven by the replacement winger, Dortmund now sparked a totally different stress. Also in the 2-1, it was mostly Bynea-Gitten with its strong dribbling that brought characteristics into the situation (84th). Such a mix had not previously succeeded in the BVB. With the 3: 1 by Wolf (88th), the Dortmund established a final point that made the result a little too clear. Due to the fact that of a solid final stage, the triumph was should have.

Especially after the Freiburg is relocated to the side, it burned much more frequently in the Dortmund penalty area. The Dortmund susceptibility on the external lanes resulted on the one hand from a bad company after relocations, however on the various other hand, however likewise from the 2 really highly acting full-back Meunier as well as Guerreiro.

On the other hand, the BVB itself had some good opportunities to take the lead. An instance of this was a final thought of Modeste (22nd), which established the direction with the ex-Kölner: With his back to the goal, he placed on Reus and also right away began the fine area, where he failed from an acute angle on flekken. Dortmund occupied the offensive voids well, however from there it rarely made it into the Freiburg penalty area, since the nominal outer gamers danger and paint did not start sufficient and also lacked opposite activities that could have drawn the opponent’s four chains apart.

SC Freiburg against BVB: The voices of the coaches

Christian Streich (Instructor SC Freiburg): We played a great game, I’m completely satisfied. The fact that praise is coming is not.

Edin Terzic (coach Borussia Dortmund): It was frequently a very intensive game versus Freiburg. We came right into play correctly, we were able to gain a few things in the first thirty minutes. The quality of the SC came Freiburg. We needed to fight not to obtain the 2nd goal. In the second half we obtained some control, the fortunate gate concerned settlement. The foot stayed on the accelerator pedal.

SC Freiburg against BVB: The constellations

  • The SC Freiburg previously lost none of the last 17 games after half-time leadership (15S, 2U) in the Bundesliga, the last defeat dated April 3, 2021 against Borussia M’Gladbach.

Had to review some battles, especially in midfield, but stayed confident. Sought a clear line that matched the intensive style of both teams. Nevertheless, only had to place in the foreground due to the fact that there were just a couple of challenging scenes. In the 87th minute, he properly decided not to provide a penalty when Bellingham dropped as well swiftly in the Freiburg penalty area. At the Wolf goal (88th), Moukoko ran towards Flekken. If he impeded his view there, it would have been offside. Welz selected a normal objective. At the very least it was extremely thin.

The referee: Tobias Welz.

The combination game remained also static to really radiate risk as well as the offending changing minutes came to be much less frequent due to a lack of Freiburg round losses. Christian Streich (Fitness Instructor SC Freiburg): We played a great game, I’m completely satisfied. Edin Terzic (train Borussia Dortmund): It was commonly an extremely extensive game versus Freiburg. The top quality of the SC came Freiburg. Irritating for Flekken as well as frustrating for SC Freiburg.

Tore: 1: 0 Gregoritsch (35th), 1: 1 Bynoe-Gitten (77th), 1: 2 Moukoko (84th), 1: 3 Wolf (88. ).

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Presumably would be discussed the game in different ways, Flekken would have captured the sphere as regular in the vital scene, as he did really usually. Yet the sphere slipped through his hands and Dortmund concerned 2 more goals with a tailwind. Annoying for Flekken and irritating for SC Freiburg.

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The star of the game: Jamie Bynoe-Gitten (BVB).

SC Freiburg against BVB: The data of the game.

Dortmund: Kobel-Meunier (46th Wolf), Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro-Dahoud (76th Brandt), Bellingham-Reus-Hazard (64th Bynoe Gitten), Modeste, Malen (70th Moukoko).

The Joker stabbed in the 77th min quickly after his replacement. His shot triggered a very individual Karius moment at flekken. The following fantastic minute in the 84th min. The strong dribbling of the 18-year-old initiated the 2-0. There is no demand for a joker.

The flop of the game: Mark Flekken (SC Freiburg).

Freiburg: Flekken-Sildillia, Ginter, Lienhart, Günter-Maximilian Eggestein, Höfler-Doan (85th Kyereh), Sallai, Grifo (84. Weißhaupt)- Gregoritsch (74. Petersen).

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