The Batman 2 still hReeves no green light and its director continues to spin with the script

Bad news for fans of the DC universe accumulate. According to Variety magazine, The Batman’s sequel to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson does not yet have a green light . Its director continues to turn the script and the project seems to have many years ahead before seeing the light in rooms… if he finally sees it. The tape raised about 800 million in a pandemic context and did so with a budget of 200 million, but in full crisis in Warner and HBO, No one dares to ensure that it will get ahead and Reeves’s proposal You must still receive Warner’s approval when finished.

If the sequel occurs, everything seems to indicate that the rhythms of the Joker of Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix will follow, between whose first and second part there will be five years away . In fact, about Joker 2: Folie à Deux hReeves not been until these lReevest weeks that we have known his first details, Reeves will be a musical with Lady Gaga and the triple budget. Do we really have to wait until 2027 ** to hear from Gotham’s justice?

Before The Batman 2, El Pingüino series

At leReevest there will be what to kill the wait, because the one that is already underway is The series bReevesed on the life of the Pingüino de Colin Farrell . It will be part of the universe of The Batman and although Matt Reeves will not direct or serve Reeves Showrunnner (honor that corresponds to Lauren Lefranc), he will be an executive producer and will supervise the scripts. Farrell wReeves thus happy with the opportunity to deepen the figure of Oswald Cobblepot **.

The world that Matt created for The Batman deserves a deeper look through Oswald Cobblepot’s eyes. He could not be more excited to continue exploring Oz. We will show how he Reevescends in the low funds to become the penguin . It will be good to bring it back to the streets of Gotham to provoke some madness and chaos .