Dragon ball Z:Dokkan Battle

2VS2 Battle ACT Family Battle Tag Arena early access start -Casual superhuman family Genka starting from Karaage

Kodansha has launched an early access of the opposite action Family Battle Tag Arena worked on a cat games cheer (Mr. Nakamichiyoshiaki) on Steam.

This work is the first work of Kodansha Game Creator Lab (GCL), known for the catchphrase of I will give you up to 10 million yen a year, so why not make your favorite game? It is a match action that fights 2 to 2, and aims to win with a superhuman family genka.

The team that has set up the tag is divided into attackers and support rolls and battle. The key to victory is that attackers, which are damaged by melee weapons, and support, which controls the war, is not done but controlled the war situation. There are also gimmicks on the field, such as blowing off outside the field and cats that can do a lot of damage to the opponent’s tag.

Early access is planned for about three months, and is now implemented only in online custom match mode. It is said that the official version is planning an online match system.

Family Battle Tag Arena is providing early access for Windows for 980 yen (784 yen until August 13).