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What is a flococada pop funko? Answered

Funko Pop figures come in very different sizes, from tiny miniatures to large and elaborate exhibition pieces of the size of your head. Some even have bases to hold them. But it is possible that you have noticed some funko pops labeled as floccados. What is a floco pop funko? This is what it means and why you should be special care with them.

What is a floco pop funko? Answered

Image Source: Funko Pop!

Take the closest funko pop and feel the texture of the collectible. It has a plastic touch, right? A flococococated funko, on the other hand, has a layer of fabric in selected areas of the figure. These days, they almost not see flocate toys, but Funko Pop has a series of figurines with this added feature.

The fabric resembles fine skin, almost like suede. The texture is mainly used for funko pops related to animals. Here are some examples:

  • Shock (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Te Fiti (Moana)
  • Mapache Cohete (Marvel)
  • Stockings (light year)
  • Snow ball (Rick & Morty)

Of course, the previously listed examples also have non-flocada variants. If you are considering buying a flococada pop funko, be sure to exhibit it in an area that keeps you away from dirt and damage.


How to take care of Funko Pops floccados

If you are an avid collector of Funko Pop (or even a passing interest), there is nothing worse than marking your figures. It may have been accidental, maybe dropped it or was moving it and received a little damage on the road. The Funko Pops Flocados are still worse.

Because the fabric is so fine, if stained due to dirt or stain, what you don’t want to do is try to rub it. That is a quick way of spreading dirt and worsening it. If you want a good image, look at a spongeBob trying to clean the painting of Mr. Cangrejo’s first dollar, and you will understand the point.

Apart from keeping funko pops grouped in their boxes, ideally, a tide pen wonders. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the stain; What is more important, it is a soft solution that does not take away from the fabric or need water to activate. And if he likes to have it ready to use, an air compressor can quickly remove dust.

And with that, we close the book on that Funko Pop flococado is . If you are looking for more funko pops, look for Baby Yoda if she hasn’t done so yet. There is even a funko pop related to a fun meme that presents a certain dog in the middle of the flames.

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