RobLox 103 error code – how to fix it

If you are faced with an error code 103 when trying to play Roblox on Xbox, most likely this is due to safety measure of children . In short, when players encounter error code 103 , this usually happens when an account under the age of 13 is trying to access the worlds created by users. Because of this, the only way to correct the error in this case will be to create a new account with the date of birth on top of 13 years .

Another possible reason for the appearance of an error code 103 is that option Content from other people is disconnected on the account you play. Other problems that can cause an error include NAT Problems and erroneous ROBLOX installations. However, these are a few solutions for correcting the Roblox 103 error code.

Solutions for correcting the RobLox 103 error code

The first step towards correcting the Roblox 103 error code is to include content from other people in the account in which you play. Turn on content from other people You must access the parent account and enable the settings on the Family tab.

You can do this by entering the parent account and going into the settings. In the settings, you will need to choose a subsidiary on the Family tab and click it. After clicking on a subsidiary, open user settings in the Privacy section and change the parameter. See Content from other people from bloc to permission.

After turning on the content from other people in your account, you can download the worlds created by users again. But if you still get an error message, we recommend restarting the console. If the reboot does not help, try turning off the console and wait for at least one minute before re-turning on the console. After a minute, turn on the console again and try to reboot Roblox. If Roblox still does not work, we recommend that you try to reinstall the game.

How to turn on UPNP in the router settings

The next correction that you can try if the previous one does not work is the inclusion of UPNP in the settings of the router. This will eliminate any potential problems with NAT that can cause Roblox 103 error code. To enable UPNP, you must enter the settings menu of your router. In the settings of the router, find NAT Forwarding and click Turn on the UPNP.

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