NCsoft co-hosted Competition of Line with MBC-SBA… Total prize of 200 million won

[MBC Park Ye-jin reporter] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) announced on the 4th that it will hold a ‘Competition beyond the Sun’ by co-hosted with MBC and Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBA).

NC’s webtoon platform ‘Bufftoon’ has been holding a contest to discover creators since 2018. The contest will be held for the second co-hosted with MBC and SBA following the ‘Genre IP Integration Contest’ last year.

The recruitment fields are ▲ webtoons, short web novels, and video (dramas and movies). Without limitation, they also recruit original works of mixed genres such as single genres, comic fantasy, and martial arts horror crimes.

Support works can be accepted from the official buff tun website from September 14 to 28. The total prize money is 200 million won.

The winning work will be reviewed at the end of November after reviewing. Five works by recruitment are selected and awarded. There are five types of screening: ▲ novelty of topics and materials, popularity, characters’ charm, story completion, and IP expansion. The judging will be attended by the organizers and the contents industry professional judges.


Each category will be given a variety of IP expansion opportunities such as webtoon shoes and video shoes. Last year, the winner of the webtoon division began a formal serialization in Bufftoon in June. The winning work in the video sector is developed by MBC for OTT and broadcasting, and is also planning to expand IP such as webtoon shoes.