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Fortnite X Magic The Gathering: The collaboration you least expected and now you want to buy

Fortnite is a game that has the habit of forge associations in all directions . On the contrary, Magic The Gathering has long retired to his fantastic universes and Steam Punk. However, the most famous TCG in the world has decided to break all barriers, collaborating with the Caricaturesco Battle Royale for the first time in its existence. Until July 25 , on the Wizards of the Coast website you can book Magic Collector card packages with iconic Fortnite locations and figures.

Four out out of the ordinary

This extraordinary association consists of 4 different packages:

Milestones and locations (34.99 euros)
FOIL Edition of Secret Lair X Fortnite (44.99 euros)

* Secret Diride X Fortnite (34.99 euros)

The first two packs contain land with the image of famous places of Fortnite (the shark, the forest…). It is a most curious collection, since this company rarely joins someone (and less with Fortnite) to carry out a serious and effectively collaboration.

The other two contain key elements of the world of Battle Royale, reinvented in the form of playable cards. We can see that the drawings continue to maintain that such iconic style of Magic, but adding a much more cartoon touch to link these two types of drawing in the best possible way.

Imagine the faces of your opponents when you play land and creatures directly from the Epic Games game… we are not sure if these cards have a place in competitive mallet It can get you more than a smile. This collaboration can cause a domino effect to be able to see a series of crossovers with the game of quite interesting cards such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid or Star Wars.