Become a Bugyo that controls the table! Yakiniku Simulator New mode to compete for meat jumping appears one after another

A new update has been distributed to Yakiniku Simulator ( YAKINIKU SIMULATION ) currently being distributed on PC (Steam) by Secret Character, and new mode Yakiniku Bugyo has been added.

Yakiniku Bugyo requires even more strategic fleshwear than the mode that was implemented so far. According to the request, the player will continue to provide the correct meat at the correct cooking level, continue the perfect bonus and request time bonus, gain a score, and compete with other boogue on the leader board to update the high score.

Also, in the Patch1.5 update held on July 5, one of the limited 12 meats, which continues to chain a combo in a limited time and aims for a high score, and one limited 12 meats. Two new challenge modes were added, consisting of Harami Master Mode, which aims to bake 50,000 points carefully with a single piece of heart and get 50,000 points. Now that the content announced as an additional mode has been properly distributed, expectations for the implementation of the last mode Online Multi ** that remained in the schedule.

The Yakiniku Simulator, which has escaped the content of the refreshing appetizer and has increased its greasyness in earnest, is distributed on a PC (Steam) for 499 yen.