11 ideas and designs of the Minecraft garden (2022)

The decoration of your garden is one of the most relaxing classes in Minecraft. But when there is no inspiration, it may be difficult to understand what needs to be done so that your garden looks great. That is why we have collected 11 ideas and designs of the garden that you can take and bring to life.

mowed lawns

You can create amazing lawns for your garden, combining various green materials. Here we used green concrete sand, moss and grass to create the effect of a freshly cut lawn.

Lighting under the pond

Make your ponds and water bodies more interesting, placing a backlight in them. Using Redstone block and lamp will make a pond bright and alive.

swing on a tree

A swing on a tree is a sweet addition to any garden in real life, and, fortunately, it is not so difficult to make them in minecraft using chains and hatches .

lattices and arches

Grates and arches are a great way to add texture and interest to your garden. They are easy to make from fences and clamping plates.


Unique fence

Experiment with an uneven fence. Using heterogeneous forms and lines, you can create something much more interesting than just a direct fence.

Turn on bamboo and sugarcane

So far sugarcane as well as bamboo have important game applications, they are also good as a decoration. Using them next to water bodies will revive and diversify your garden.

Plant vegetables

The garden can become an interesting part of your garden. It also turns the garden from something purely decorative into something practical.

Create unique flower pots

Using stone steps, you can create a unique pot for such things as roses and other large plants.

Turn on the adjacent territory

In Minecraft you have an almost unlimited space, so why not use its part? Here, the garden path escaped from its borders and joined the nearby sunflower field. If the site already looks beautiful, you can simply include it in the existing garden.

Decorate your trees

The trees will look good on their own, but it is much better if they decorate them a little. Using vines, moss, plants, lichens and other materials, you can turn a dull look of the Minecraft tree into something unique and special for your garden.

make a winding path

The route through your garden should not be a straight line. He should be interesting and show you all the best places of beauty. Direct lines are dull, and winding paths are charming!

To obtain additional ideas and management guidelines for Minecraft, read Minecraft: how to build a modern house in the game manuals for professionals.