Powerwash Simulator developers called for dont look directly at the sun. The eyes do not collapse, but the console version stops the game

Powerwash Simulator official Twitter account called on July 15 to don’t look directly at the sun. That said, it’s not a call on the real sun. In the Xbox console version of this work, it is a post related to the problem that is currently occurring.

Powerwash Simulator is a high-pressure cleaning simulation from the first person perspective. Developed by British developer Futurlab and Square Enix sells. While playing a simple game play, just washing dirt with a high-pressure washing machine, it is a popular work with special cleaning expressions. This work launched early access distribution at Steam in May 2021. As we updated for about a year, we grabbed the hearts of many Steam users. And on July 15 this year, it was finally officially released for Steam. Sales have also started for Microsoft Store and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

On July 15, the official Twitter account called on the player to not see the sun directly in the game. This is because the Xbox console version of the same work seems to have a troublesome problem. It is said that if you move around with the sun directly in this multiplayer mode, the game may crash. Because it is a bug caused by the sun, it was a call for emergency treatment, saying do not look directly at the sun, and it was a call for alerts during a solar eclipse observation. It seems that this bug is due to the lens flare expression when the sun enters the field of view.

However, the first aid treatment, Do not see the sun, was a bit aggressive. In multiplayer, you will just turn your eyes away on the heavenly path and continue to remove dirt. Of course, the developer seems to be aware of this, apologizing to the user, and is currently hurrying to develop a patch. The patch distribution is expected to be around next weekend.

In this work, it is necessary to wash the buildings in every corner. Inevitably, it is often an angle that looks up at the sun, and looking up at the sky until the completion of cleaning is a kind of tied play. In that sense, it is a serious problem, and the successful completion of the fix patch is waiting. On the other hand, as far as the publisher announcement is read, the bug does not occur in a single play mode or indoors, and does not occur in the PC version. Users who own the Xbox console version will be able to enjoy steady cleaning alone for a while.

Powerwash Simulator is on sale for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and the price is 2970 yen. It also supports PC/Xbox Game Pass.