Guardian Tales, the 2nd anniversary, 120 free summoning support

Kakao Games announced on the 15th that it has updated the 2nd anniversary of the service of the mobile RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ developed by US developer Kong Studio.

First, he added a new hero, Party Crasher Mad Pandan. The Party Crashher Mad Pandan, which is introduced this time, is a mercenary team that is obsessed with money and is not hesitant to be illegal. In addition, it is a bit cute to be a complete organization.

At the same time, he updated Team Deathmatch Beta, which formed a team of three to three to play a fierce confrontation. The new content will be taken by a team that defeats each other’s heroes or acquires a box and reaches the target score first. In addition, you can add a special story by adding a special cartoon of the wealthy martial arts.

In addition, special videos to commemorate the 2nd anniversary were also released. In the video, the company contains the thanksgiving message of Kim Sang-won and the main update history, and unveiled the 2nd anniversary coupon. In addition, a special video was released to introduce the second anniversary new hero, ‘Party Crasher Mad Pandan’.

Kakao Games will hold various events to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the service. First of all, the 120 free summoning event will be held for free summoning heroes and equipment for up to 120 times for 10 times a day until the 27th. In addition, it will hold an attendance event that provides abundant in-game rewards such as ‘Hero Crystal’, ‘Legend Awakening Stone’, and ‘Awakening Dungeon Box’ for all users who connect during the event until August 11th.

For more information on the 2nd anniversary update of the Exploration RPG ‘Guardian Tales’, please visit the brand page and the official community.