Sebastien Haller in the evaluation: Countermaster with eye

Also the bare numbers go over. Sebastien Haller played 66 games for Ajax Amsterdam and racked up 47 goals and also prepared their 17. So means: The 28-year-old was associated with a goal in virtually every game.

Only: What is Haller’s game? How does the previous Frankfurter score his goals?

Haller is a box demonstrator

At the top: Sebastien Haller also fled up in the premier class Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema and also Cristiano Ronaldo. twist

Between 2017 and also 2019 Haller bet Eintracht Frankfurt. In the two years he racked up 33 goals, every one of which he racked up from charge location settings. Statistics from the previous period show that his video game has actually not altered substantially during the instead hapless time at West Ham United and lately at Ajax Amsterdam. Haller offered approximately 3.5 goal shots in 90 minutes. 3.2 of them within the sixteen. That was the optimum value of all players in the Eredivisia.

Haller is the integrity face to face

With 21 goals, Haller increased to the top scorer of the Dutch league. Haller is reputable in 2 ways: he also takes a look for his colleagues.

Eleven hits in the Champions Organization: This made Sebastien Haller the 3rd ideal goal scorer. twist

Just how great he is in his prime discipline, the racking up shooting, these stats additionally show: in the eredivisia, Haller had one of the most major opportunities and also utilized 45 percent of them (average of all players with a minimum of 10: 38.9 percent). He only needed 4.8 shots to fulfill (finest value amongst all 22 gamers with at least 2.5 goal shots per video game)- and in the Champions League he was the initial gamer with eleven goals to be more than 10 in one period Strikes brought and also did not rose for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United or FC Bayern.

Haller is a pressure

Haller is not only an executor-also brings an excellent physicality to his group’s video game. He won 53.7 percent of his duels in the previous Eredivisie season and also thus came to the 3rd ideal rate of all opponents. Haller is even better airborne: in 2021/22 he won 64 percent of his head battles and therefore accomplished the finest worth of the strikers.

Sebastien Haller played 66 video games for Ajax Amsterdam and also racked up 47 goals and also prepared their 17. Just: What is Haller’s video game? Haller gave a standard of 3.5 goal shots in 90 mins. With 21 goals, Haller climbed to the top marker of the Dutch organization. Haller is not only an executor-also brings a great physicality to his group’s video game.

The BVB obtains a goal scorer who has a whole lot: reliability, physicality, the eye for the colleague and of course what Sebastien Haller is: instinct in the fine location.