What is a cervical whip in Fortnite? Answered

There are constantly challenges and missions related to a cervical whip. While the game itself has no obvious marker or indication of what really is a cervical whip in Fortnite , we are here to answer that for you. We also know of an excellent location to find a whiplash that should help during any future challenge.

Explanation of Fortnite’s cervical punishment

A whiplash is a manageable type of vehicle. Specifically, it is one of those sports ones that you can see for the entire map, they are those that resemble a Lamborghini. While it is good to have the 800 health, the fact that there are only two seats in a whiplash makes it a bad choice in everything, in addition to alone and duo.

Where to find a cervical whistle

The best thing for an almost guaranteed Whiplash spawn is to fall into the service station on the other side of the river and northeast of Rocky Reels. This is not a very popular landing place, so you should be alone.

The garage in the corner of the gas station should have a whiplash every time you need it. There is also a good possibility of finding a game of off-road tires and a cows pickup to make the whiplash found much more versatile.

That is all you will need to know about What is a cervical whip and where to find one in Fortnite . Be sure to consult more of our Fortnite coverage, including our list of the best Tycoon codes, as well as a summary about how to tear down wooden pines with a circular saw launcher.


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