The latest F1 edition focuses on surprisingly irrelevant changes instead of bouncy cars

When last summer, the most significant expectation of the new Formula game was on the potential of a more effective iron in Finland, the latest edition focuses on bringing real-life rule changes to the screen as authentically. In any case, the stamping of _F1 22 is not exaggerated at all, as the actual gaming innovations remain very small-at least they have succeeded.

Half-finished soap to the honest funding

The tips of the solo driver even feels a bit more poor, as the story space presented in the last edition shines completely with its absence. Although the soap opera, named Braking Point, was in many places clumsy and cliché, there was an attempt to create something new in the stagnant formula. This time, the content is mainly relied on in the grooves that are still well-functioning through both the driver championship and the entire team leading the entire team.

F1 Life, advertised as a new jippo, is more of a social media substitute instead of the actual game space, where players can introduce the Krääsa to the rest of their community, from expensive fashion clothing to rare sports cars. Of course, the idea would be nice if you could and the cheeses were only earned by succeeding on the track, but unfortunately the whole arena will make more of EA’s slightly desperate attempt to make more grip in the form of micro-payments.

in the open office spare better

Perhaps the strangest and most loose reform is related to the already mentioned sports cars. Namely, they can be opened on the track both through F1 Life and during career mode. Separate screening sessions accumulate reputation and mammon between the weekends. Unfortunately, the command of the street versions of McLarens and Ferrari feels more glued on top than it sounds. The challenges are mainly boring average or time-runs with very limited stretches without other racers. Even the physics of cars is not convinced. In the wheel of clumsy and stupidly modeled Kies, it is difficult to believe that the same developer is also responsible for many great racing games in the field of cars.

Fortunately, the actual main course, that is, racing on formulas is still fun. At its best, the end result is still when the difficulty level, a variety of assistance and the rulebook can be turned into the middle-box that is just right for themselves.

The rather radical rule changes introduced to the sport this season are not as strongly visible in virtual forms, as for example, bypassing has been much easier than real life. By cutting help, the biggest change seems to be unpredictable for cars. Careless driving leads to more spectacular side bones or nearest track halls. In the slow bends, the cars, in turn, fold much more fierce than their predecessors, which requires adjusting the driving style. Instead, the promised soundings for artificial intelligence do not transmit to the home sofa. In fact, unnecessary swings of machine drivers would even seem to have increased from last year, which is not a good thing. On the positive side, however, that this season, this season, the porpoizing of cars, or bouncing by the hammock, does not affect the virtual experience, which caused a lot of drivers and back problems.

poor update, a good game

Although F1 22 remains a threat to an annual upgrade, it can be promoted again for a great game. Especially with My Team, it is easy to get destructive, and developing your own sculpture team towards the top is still addictive. Sure, this time, the player is given the opportunity to jump right away with the top of his own group, but then they would lose the lion’s share of fun.

During the weekends, there is also a nice mood, and small visual additions between sessions are even better created by the authentic feel. As long as the drivers’ wooden walls could be carved more authentic, the subject of the complaint would begin to be low on the audiovisual side.

For perennial veterans in the series, recommending the latest part is not very easy.

For perennial veterans in the series, recommending the latest part is not very easy. Unnecessary skins reforms from My Life to sports cars are at their best when you don’t have to see them on the screen, and there are no small refinements here and here. Of course, this warning sermon is helplessly useless for those who have already hooked on a comprehensive online side. As a group of friends moves into a new edition, it is bad to stay alone to rumble in past seasons. In other words, money shampoo will continue its victory.