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NEKOPARA AFTER and Inpara are officially announced

Sekai Project took part in Anime Expo 2022, where it reported the intention to publish the future Nekopara Inter: La Vraie Famille and Inpara: Dog’s Paradise from the Nekoworks studio. True, no details were reported, and therefore we do not know when these games will come out or on any platforms. Most likely, however, they should wait for them on personal computers, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Recall that Inupara is the Nekopara spin-off, the actions of which take place in a parallel universe, where we will wait for a dog-cake instead of cats. The project was announced on April 1 of this year, when the developers reported that it was not a joke.


As for Nekopara after: La Vraie Famille, this is a continuation of the Nekopara series, the action of which takes place after a fourth part, but the main characters will already be Freys and Shchigure, and not Kashche and its harem.