A video of a Donald Duck canceled video game comes to light where the writers of Epic Mickey worked

The initial Epic Mickey game came to have 2 sequelae, which were Epic Mickey 2: the return of two heroes, and an additional spin-off for Nintendo 3DS Epic Mickey: strange world. These titles were established by Joint Factor, a study that has actually already closed its doors almost ten years ago. The opportunity of going back to Seeing Donald Pato starring a video game is very hard. .

The YouTuber Incline’s Game Space has brought to light a brief clip where a gameplay extract of the Donald Duck game shows. The game was terminated several years ago and was being developed by Joint Point around 2012 and also 2013, and it would have been a spin-off of Epic Mickey. This job was going to be embeded in Ducktal comics, in which multiple personalities connected to Donald duck would certainly have made an appearance.


Mickey Mouse, besides, is not just well-known in Disney, but also worldwide of computer game he has had an impressive prestige. He has appeared in works such as The Enchanting Pursuit, Impression and even in the popular Square Enix legend, Kingdom Hearts . In this sense, Donald duck, in the lack of his spin-off, has shown up a lot throughout most titles of the Square Enix legend, greater than the well-known mouse.

In the video you can see some information that give us a mild idea of how the proposition was mosting likely to be. In the 18:40 min of the video of the YouTuber Incline’s Video game Space you can see how Donald duck as well as Mickey Computer mouse are in an armored video camera full of cash Both the popular mouse and also the Cascarrabias duck also show up running in an additional little clip. Apparently, Donald would have had a green shield that would enable him to ward off the opponent attacks.