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LOL: The two Nilah interactions that make it one of Riots most powerful champions

The new champions that arrive at League of Legends do not usually be so dangerous. It is true that Riot Games sometimes goes to his hand with the statistics or unforeseen elements and ends up introducing quite powerful heroes. However, most premieres in recent years have not been too problematic. A situation that does not seem to be repeated with Nilah. Since the presentation of their skills kit, there are many players who insist that will be completely broken and, although we do not usually get on this current of opinion, there are two interactions that make us give them reason.


Nilah’s key advantage at the beginning of the games

Nilah’s first interaction and perhaps the most dangerous is related to her passive ability (perfect synergy). One of the effects of this spell is to increase the experience that both the champion and the closest ally of it earn. This spell will already give a great advantage during the games, but it is especially crucial at the first levels. We wanted to do the test to check in the invoker crack as it is really and the results are demolving. Nilah can reach levels two, three and six long before her opponents .

These are the exact results we have obtained in the practice tool…

It is true that the new champion has the additional difficulty that to enforce this advantage she She has to always give the last blow to the subjects . However, thanks to this ability she can get the key levels long before her rivals. The level rise is one of the most important advantages of League of Legends, providing statistics with an average value greater than 610 gold units. However, at the beginning of the game the important thing is the fact that we can use one more skill. Throughout the video game there is no character that, on his first level, can defeat one who has already unlocked the launch of two spells.

One of the fastest League of Legends champions

To the mathematical problem of Nilah you have to add the rest of her skill kit. From the moment the champion gets two spells she is able to make very very imaginative combos . Her and her (her wake) allows her to launch any enemy unit twice, cutting the difference in rank with respect to her rivals. In addition, the champion can channel all her other skills during the tour. In this way she can start to launch the definitive while protecting from the rivals with the W (exultant veil) and adds damage to the area grace to the Q (formless sheet). This situation minimizes the reaction time of enemies.

All these interactions make Nilah a problematic champion due to different circumstances . Although she is designed to climb to the late game, during the first ten minutes she can be a horror thanks to the level difference, getting plays that no other champion can do. Simply, she seems able to overcome the limitations of her own design thanks to a set of elements that would be carried away, but that when joining in the same kit they promise to make the lives of the exceptionally complicated lower lane players.

Riot Games may have solutions in mind. Make the E (Estela) start with a single load so as not to be able to make a double displacement or* three in advance and subtracting part of the power that he will have at the beginning of the games. We only hope that a situation like Zeri’s and that League of Legends can resume the good direction he had last year, when most champions were well balanced around 50% of the victory rate were not alive.