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ADV that eats tomatoes, unreasonable love sound games, etc. You can actually play

Kodansha has announced awarded the awarded Kuso Game Competition , which is a related project of the manga Shangri-La Frontier-Kusoge Hunter, God Game ~ (hereinafter, Shanfuro) . did.

Shanfuro is a popular work of the novel posting site Let’s become a novelist by the original, Rina Kazu. Set in a modern society where the full dive-type VR game has become the mainstream, the protagonist, Rakuhiro, who loves fucking games, will challenge the Shangri-La Frontier, a god game with a total of 30 million players.

In the world of Shangri-La Frontier, which was terribly built, Yugururo Yuguro took advantage of the unusual player skill trained with unreasonable fucking games as a player name San Lak. We will have an unprecedented adventure with some friends. It has been converted to manga by Dr. Ryosuke Fuji, and has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

This Kusoge Competition is to recruit fucking games developed by the participants under the theme of Kusoge loved by Raku Yoshiruro.

Anyway, we were looking for various games on the subject of fucking games, such as work on the theme of fucking games, works on the theme of fucking ge-like characters, and fucking games that are not well-balanced ( * Original). However, it is possible to participate in projects based on the elements of Shanfuro).

The result is finally announced. The following three winning works are the following three works.

◆ Supreme Kusoge Award (1 million yen of prize money): Z_LAEGA Ideal Gun

RPG based on nostalgic dot pictures. For Shanflo fans, we will challenge the familiar pizza study abroad Love Clock.

◆ Over 100 years earlier (prize money 500,000 yen): TETOTEL work only et tomatoes

ADV over tomatoes and girls. Experience the bad end and just eat tomatoes until you reach the True End.

◆ Shanflo Prize (500,000 yen for prize money): Charon Co., Ltd. Yanase Games Co., Ltd.

The defeat event at the beginning of the original, Lukaoon of Night Raid. An app game that keeps the level up and challenges you until you win.


From the work of Shanfuro, Ideal Gun and People who challenge God Game won ONLY EAT TOMATOES from the original work. The special site contains comments from the judges, and it is also possible to actually download and play.

The works that are unbearable to the original fans, and make the original unreaders think, What is this…? Why don’t you play it?