Steel Series, Nongshim Red Force Partnership Memorial Prime Mouse Promotion

The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Series (CEO: Etisham Lavani) is a promotion for a professional gaming mouse ‘Prime Mouse’, which was developed with e-sports athletes around the world to commemorate Nongshim Red Force. It is said to be performed.

With the partnership with Nongshim Red Force, the steel series will support all products such as mouse, keyboard, and mouse pads in Nongshim Red Force, and plans to actively activate and support the domestic e-sports industry.

Prime Mouse Promotion will be held for 18 days from June 13 to 30. Target products offer up to 23% discount on Prime Mini Wireless, Prime Wireless, Prime Plus Wired, and Prime Wired.

In addition, when the product is purchased during the event, the Naver Store will be written to the Naver Store, and the lottery uniform (10 people), a handwritten company of Nongshim Red Force, will be presented through the lottery. In addition, 10 first-come-first-served customers who purchase Prime Mini Wireless Mouse can be received as a package containing the autograph of Nongshim Red Force Squad. Those who want to participate in this event can leave the phrase Capital Mouse Package Request on the delivery note after purchasing a prime mini wireless mouse. (10 first-come, first-served)


Prime Series is a high-performance gaming mouse produced for competitions, and is famous for its excellent grip that does not slip with sophisticated matte finish. In addition, the Prestige OM ™ switch, which lasts five times longer than competitive products, allows accurate clicks through luminous reactions, and the switch using magnetic core is as satisfactory and neat as the first click of 100 million clicks.

Gamers can choose from the , and according to their play style, grip, and fit. For more information about Prime Mouse Promotion, please visit the Steel Series official Mall (https://smartstore.naver.com/twoacei).