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A stunning collection full of pearls (as well as one dude that is worth avoiding like a plague in a cane)

Did you know? Finns eat 25 million green balls a year. So those marmalade hills made by Fazer. It may sound like a lot, but certainly nothing compared to the number of points that PAC-Man is guided by different players every year.

Pac-man game doesn’t need any bigger presentations, right? After all, this is the yellow ball that rolled through the plinth, eating balls and avoiding ghosts. The slot machine made his debut already in 1980, after which the character has performed, even where it was from clothing to movies.

The history of long-lived Pac-Man is good to remember, for example, for a successful Pac-man museum+ collection.

The ### classic is a variety of, moooneenennian

PAC-Man Museum+ is a sequel to one of the Sort for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for the Pac-Man Museum. The plus version brings with it more content from a few extra games.

The freshcomer has 14 different titles, with a level and interest of which varies from one side to another. The whole thing looks like this:

  • Pac-man
  • Super pac-man
  • Pac & Pal
  • Pac-land
  • Pac-mania
  • Pac-atattack
  • Pac-in-time
  • Pac-man arrangement arcade version
  • Pac-man arrangement cs version
  • PAC-man Championship Edition
  • Pac motos
  • Pac’n roll remix
  • Pac-man battle royale
  • Pac-man 256

Of course, the oldest guard in the collection is represented by the classic pac-man, while the latest is the 2015 Pac-Man 256.

In a mild harmony in a slot machine hall.

The interface for the whole thing is a three-dimensional slot machine hall where our yellow balloon character can rotate and test all more or less classic games in 14 pine years. You can decorate the look of the boutique, cabinets and, for example, wallpapers to your liking, and you can buy new furniture with coins that can be opened by playing games and performing their tasks. Tasks range from simple to try the game to big scores. Over enough classics, the iconic PAC-Man ghosts arrive to float around the hall.

Decoration and furniture placement is a valid addition, but especially the screen refresh will take a hit while moving in the hall, whether playing on your own screen or through TV. It’s a pity because this is the only so-called fresh addition along with old experiences.

ghosts in the cell and in maze

But it’s a selection of games!

It is the old familiar Pac-man and a bunch of its patterns that change the hits, such as super Pac-Man, published in 1982. In it, the Ahmat’s face board has to collect fruits and keys that open closed routes. This is a pretty pleasure alternative to the original, but it does take superiority from this two.

The 1983 Pac & Pal, in turn, plans the power balloons with different abilities in the arena, which allows the character chasing, among other things, to freeze or stop. There is also a Mil-named assistant who moves objects. This too.

Pac-Land’s cheerful colorful scenery.

Pac-land, from 1984, is the first character-starred level adventure. In the output, Pallero’s mission is to travel through the different obstacles and ghosts of the villages, deserts and forests. This is a kind of classic that has earned its place as part of the collection, although it may not be the most fascinating experience in the current eye.

In 1987, Pac-Mania returns to the familiar spinning, but with a new look and a chance to jump over the enemies. The bouncy feature is a small addition, but it gives you a lot of variation. Especially when you come up with ghosts that can also jump.

Pac-atattack from 1992 represents the visiting of the Packman on the Puzzle Side. In one or two players’ modes, blocks of etris-style blocks, consisting of wall material, ghosts and pac-man, drip from the top of the screen. The purpose is to assemble full rows, feed the ghosts to the yellow Ahmat, and continue this pattern to the point of the pin. Maybe it’s not the best tetris clone, but you can give the title every now and then.

Don’t be fooled by a smile, Pac-in-time is a shockingly terrible experience.

Everything good and interesting is counterbalanced by Pac-in-time, the biggest plus is its name. There is no other praise to be in the Kikkare, once published for Super Nintendo. This is a 2D level leap in which our yellow ball bounces, flies and shoots fire from his mouth. No one can recommend the game for anyone, as guiding the character is illegally rocking, progressing as much, and playing as much as stomach is supposed to be. Congratulations to the hell, who has endurance to experience this adventure until the end. But as part of the collection, this is just… OK to be involved. As a warning example.

Where do these games come from?

Pac-man arrangement is included in the form of two different versions. The title familiar to both slot machines and consoles is colorful as a fruit salad, and there are a few tricks, for example, in the form of speed. Quite great entertainment is a collaborative mode where two characters are heading to the maze and getting together with a fun boss opponent. The singles and the colorful look make this fun a positive thing.

The fast-paced plot furry is coming in the 2007 Pac-Man Championship edition, where both the yellow Ahmatti and the ghosts have got a new faster gear in the eye. This title wanted to modernize the original experience in the form of faster pace and new maze. And whatever, especially the fast-paced output makes you feel really fun to play. This is one of the pearls of the collection.

_Pac-Man Championship Edition is on the pace

Pac-Man and motos games in one-marked _pac-motos__ must be done to drop other characters/balls off the board. The output is like a simple small snack that you can sometimes try between other titles.

Three-dimensional rolls around the point balloons, it is Pac’s roll remix. The name of the job is to collect enough balls to open the gates that want them. The cheerful-looking output entertains its time, but rolling after rolls is not the biggest or most fascinating fun, especially playing analogital. The experience that originally used the touch screen must have been more fun.

Battle Royale games were tried to reach the 2010 Pac-Man Battle Royalen. In the title, a maximum of four players can be taken together by collecting points and eating other characters. When soloing, there is content with one opponent guided by artificial intelligence. Short matches and passel Battle Royale, not a bad experience, though the cheerful look does not want new rounds.

The best. Pac-Man 256 namely.

The most addictive addition to ~~ perhaps ~~ perhaps is Pac-man 256, a title published in 2016, in which the player-driven PAC-Man eats point balls and avoids ghosts out of the maze. The name of the job is to collect as many points as possible up to 256, which may sound simple, but it is surprisingly challenging. Includes wholesale special abilities, collectible coins, and a destruction that encourages rapid advancement. Also, there are no different themes that can change the entire maze to resemble an office environment, piston games or traffic jams.

But that’s not all! It is possible to experience this fun between four people as a multiplayer game. Already as a single game, going is a great entertaining entertaining as two different packagers are rolling around the maze. Pac-man 256 is a very addictive work, insanely funny. No wonder that when it comes to free play, it was mostly positive comments.

museum card for grapple and going

Anyone familiar with any other sort of other collections to rewind the game situation or even save the situation in the middle of everything. It wouldn’t fit into these titles. On the other hand, there is nothing bad about emulating the piston-years, because everything works as it should. The look of the games can be influenced by a few small settings, but in practice there is no great use.

Other noteworthy things are the results lists, a few (short) historical words written about games, and playing background music for use in the coin.

As a whole, the Pac-man museum+ is a great package of history. 14 games are a nice number of things to do with many moments, and a hub for a hub is not a worse addition despite jerking and banging. Of course, not all titles in the collection are the best, but they have still deserved their place as part of Pac-Man’s history collection.

Not bad to say, much. Quite a great museum visit.