The authors of JRPG about collecting monsters Cassette Beasts showed a merger system

At the past event, Guerrilla Colleective, developer by Bytten Studio and publisher RAW Fury talked about the gameplay of their collection Jrpg Cassette Beasts and presented a new trailer that demonstrates the monsters mergers.


The Fusion Game Mechanics allows players to combine two of the 120 available forms of monsters to create more than 14,000 unique animated and voiced combinations. Mergers are, in fact, temporary evolution that turns monsters into a creature that has a combined type of elements, characteristics and a list of techniques. It is curious that not only the player, but also the NPC can use the merger.

Cassette Beasts will be released on consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. The exact release date is currently unknown, but at the start the game will also be available at Game Pass.