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Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Deady new adversaries in the tale trailer for pathogenic

Cold Iron Studios deals with Virus, a new story expansion for the third-person shooter aliens: Fireteam Elite.

The DLC consists of new project objectives, tools, clothing and also equipment. A brand-new hardcore mode is additionally given away to the PVE game, which presents much more deadly difficulties.


A mysterious pathogen has actually created in the wild of the earth LV-895 and also not also the Xenomorphs are secure from him. The team The Endavor has to venture into undiscovered areas as well as face frightening brand-new adversaries if it wishes to discover the resource of this strange brand-new threat.

The strange microorganism makes the Xenomorphs and also the local wildlife mutate on earth LV-895. It depends on you and also your fire team to have problem with a lot of altered enemies and remove the source of the pathogen.

The pathogen extension has new atmospheres, maps, weapons and also far more. Explore the designers to disclose the secret of the infection, permeate deeply right into opponent flocks and also stay clear of the fatal threats that hide behind every corner. Do you have what it requires to endure?

A strange virus has actually developed in the wilderness of the planet LV-895 as well as not also the Xenomorphs are safe from him. The staff The Endavor has to venture right into untouched areas and face terrifying brand-new opponents if it desires to find the source of this mystical new danger.

The pathogen microorganism expansion consists of brand name environmentsAtmospheres maps, weapons and as well as more. Discover the designers to reveal the secret of the infection, permeate deeply into adversary throngs and avoid the fatal dangers that lurk behind every corner.

  • 3 brand-new missons in the microorganism campaign
  • 8 new weapons, 2 for every weapon kind
  • 1 new advantage for every class kit
  • 26 brand-new weapons expansions
  • 2 brand-new attires (for all 7 class sets).
  • 6 headgear.
  • 21 brand-new weapon colors.
  • 9 sticker labels.
  • 10 brand-new reactions.

The microorganism expansion for aliens: Fireteam Elite will certainly be offered from August 30th for Xbox Collection X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 | 5 and also PC.

As part of the Summertime of Video gaming, gamers were now able to take an initial take a look at the added game content with their new, lethal adversaries.