Warcraft arclight rumble

[Gemphae] It is not similar to Clash Royale Warcraft Arclight Rumble

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[Arclight Rumble Moon Young-soo reporter] ‘Warcraft’ is a signboard game series that has made Blizzard now. Beginning with the first episode, which was released in 1994, the golden lineup, from Warcraft 2 (1995) and Warcraft 3 (2002), was enough for Blizzard to be the strongest of the RTS game.

It is no exaggeration to say that Warcraft Intellectual Property (IP) is a ‘goose that lays golden eggs’. This is because MMORPG ‘World of Warcraft (2004)’ based on Warcraft’s worldview, followed by the card game ‘Hearthstone (2014)’.

In this atmosphere, a new Warcraft-based mobile game has been released. Blizzard presented ‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble’ in May and heralded the launch within the year. The Arclight Rumble, which is currently in the test, is an offense strategy game that forms decks with various heroes and monsters in the Warcraft worldview.

There was no noise. This is because gamers around the world at the time of the video were evaluated that the game was similar to the ‘Clash Royale’ of Super Cell, which was popular all over the world. This is because the gameplay, which is developed on the graphic style, the game play on the vertical screen, and the gameability of the unit by consuming automatically generated resources.

The acrylite rumble, which I actually played during the test, was judged that the appearance was similar to the Clash Royale, but the game was different. Unlike Clash Royale, a one-to-one battle, the Acright Rumble may have made this difference a map configuration with a very large and non-monotonous map, and a gimmick reminiscent of puzzle games. There is also a one-to-one battle in Acright Rumble, but PVE content was much richer and fun.

Arclight Rumble is a rule that wins or kills the opponent’s base or core monster first, like Clash Royale and other offense games. However, the map is not formalized, and there are many unique gimmicks, such as sending ‘Kobold’ everywhere. In addition, the attack route was various, so there were many factors to consider.

The fact that there are a lot of familiar units in Warcraft is the biggest strength of the Arclight Rumble. In particular, the basic unit of Warcraft 3 Human, the foundation unit, and the hero ‘Jane and Proud Moore’ in World of Warcraft were very nice. As such, the Arclight Rumble attracts the attention of Warcraft fans. In general, the Acright Rumble has been impressed with a pretty interesting game. The fever was quite severe, but I think it will be improved as it gradually tests.

Looking back on the past regarding the controversy over Clash Royal Similarity, Blizzard was a game company that reinterpreted the existing one in their own way rather than creating oil from nothing. Warcraft has been evaluated for imitating Westwood’s ‘2’, but since then, the series has established its own RTS formula, and World of Warcraft is also popular and popular with the previously released MMORPG ‘Ever Quest’ hardcore raid. It has been evaluated for obtaining.

It is also interesting to see whether the Arclight Rumble, which combines the offense games, including Clash Royale, can continue the performance of ‘brothers’.