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Satan will return to the part -time job on July 14. We look at the anime trailer

And here is the date of the premiere of the second season of the anime Satan for part-time work!, Reanimated and returned to the screens eight years after the premiere. The trailer is also attached to it.

The history of Mao Sadao, known in his native world as Satan, will continue, as well as its promising career in a well-known network of fast food restaurants. The piquancy of his relationship with the Hero-Poluangel Emilia will give their daughter-the baby Alus Ramus with Ente Isla.

Satan for part-time work! as a suitable alloy of everyday life, romance and fantasy

The scriptwriter Yokotani Masakhiro, who worked over the original, (Accelerated World, Free style!, Re: zero) and the composer of Tedzhima Akemi returned, the director Tsukushi Daiske (Homeless God, Godzilla: Special Point was no longer headed by the team White Fox, but Studio 3Hz (Sword Art Online Alternate: Gun Gale Online).

Broadcast Satan on a part-time job! will resume July 14th.