Fortnite: Find WhiPlash & modify

In our Whiplash Guide for Fortnite you can find out:

  • What a whiplash is
  • Where you are guaranteed to find a whiplash
  • How you modify the car

For a seasonal order in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 you have to find a whiplash , modify with stripes and a cow catcher and then destroy buildings. In the following we lead you through the task step by step.

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What is a whiplash and where can I find one?

Whiplashes are the quick and sleek cars that can spawn at all petrol stations on the Fortnite map. Problem: Whether a whiplash spawn at a petrol station depends on chance.

However, there is a place on the Fortnite map, where there are guaranteed to spawn several of the coveted cars in every round. Flies to Chonker’s Speedway at the beginning of a match. On the home stretch of the racetrack (with the buildings) you will find four whiblashes and the best thing about it: they are already equipped with railings so that you only have to find a cow catcher.

Where can I find a cow catcher?

You will find cow catchers-just like the railing tires-by chance at the petrol stations on the Fortnite map (see screenshot). You can also get a cow catcher from the red tool boxes. After grabping a Whiplash at Chonker’s Speedway, just drive to the nearest petrol stations and look for a cow catcher.

You equip your whiplash with the cow catcher by throwing the item-like a grenade-on the car.

If you have equipped your whiplash with cow catchers and stripes, you only have to ram and destroy a few buildings to complete the weekly mandate.

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