VALHEIM Public Test Branch Delivery -Added Maepol that can be built at any time by fixing cloud save bugs

IRON Gate has released the latest patch 0.209.5 (Public Test) to PC (Steam) with the latest patches 0.209.5 (Public Test) to fix problems related to Steam cloud save and some content of the Nordic mythology survival Valheim .

In the latest update distributed this time, the bugs related to the save of the Steam cloud will help you deal with problems that may lose your progress if the player plays on multiple accounts using one PC. We have created some new folders for cloud and local save files, and have added a workaround and a failed system to keep the save data safer. However, this update is for public test branches, so the operation may be unstable.

To access the public test branch, right-click Valheim in the Steam library, select Properties, select Beta in the new window, and enter the code YesimadeBackups. For more information, see the published patch notes and FAQs.

In addition, Maepol can be built at any time from the building menu, and the addition of corolla and new banner colors. In addition, various bugs have been modified and improved.

New content

  • Maepol can be used in the building menu.

  • Corolla

  • New banner color (orange, white, yellow, purple)

Correction and improvement

  • Update UNITY to version 2020.3.33 (the crash should decrease!).

  • Time animals have come to the Haldor Forcefield.

  • Adjust so that the hair of yagluth does not fly around in the air.

  • EXCLUSIVEFULLSCREEN of the console command is now possible.

Steam Cloud

  • Cloud save files are now stored in Steam/[YouridNumber]/892970 instead of AppData.

  • Local files are stored in Worlds_local and Characters_local in AppData to avoid synchronous collisions and data losses when using multiple accounts on the same machine or using dedicated servers. It is no longer synchronized by the cloud.

  • Files with old file structures are moved to Steam Cloud or new local folder when used, and backup is retained.

  • You can change the name of the world save file and load correctly.

  • Large worlds (300MB or more) are now synchronized correctly.

  • Valheim’s maximum cloud storage has increased significantly

The Scandinavian mythology survival Valheim is being distributed early for PC (Steam).