Destiny 2: How to perform a daily test in Iron Banner

The iron banner was completely processed in the Ghost season. Fate 2 . Part of this is a quest of six parts with a confusing stage of the quest. The second step requires the guards to perform a daily test, but Bungie does not give an indication in the game what it is and how to fulfill it.


What is the daily test Iron Banner

To view daily test , players will need to open director go to males and hang the cursor on Iron Banner icon . A daily call is actually marked as weekly test when looking at it.

The first task is to complete the three matches “Iron Banner” as subclasses “Sun” or “Void”. For this, you will receive part of Pinnacle Gear and an increase in the rank of Iron Banner. The description says that this is one of four, but at the time of writing this article there is no additional information. If something changes at the next daily discharge, we will update this article to reflect it.

This is what can be easily missed, and it confuses why Bungie decided to cope with this in this way. If someone is going to take a quest step, it must be clear what needs to be d1. Instead, some players are forced to leave the game to scour on the Internet to find out what to do. The processing of the iron banner was poorly perceived, and this mistake only added oil into the fire.

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