Lets go until the end! T1 2022 MSI Final 4 Set Victory

The persistent pursuit of the T1 worked. On the 29th, the T1 won the 4th set score in the 2022 mid-season Invitational finals in BEXCO, Busan.

In the fourth set, the T1 once again chose the Blue camp and vaned Biego, who had bothered them throughout the third set. In the process, he took Goku and gave it to Ari, and Faker Lee Sang-hyuk responded to LeBlanc. As a result, RNG picked Camille and took a good ball, and the T1 chose a pick with a memories of victory called Jingx Tamkench.

At the beginning, RNG took the preoccupation point as RNG succeeded in the tower gang. It was in contrast to the previous T1 failed to tower. Since then, the RNG’s continued gang and the T1, which properly avoided them, continued, and in nine minutes, there was a war in front of the messenger. In the unfavorable situation of the T1, the success of the enemy’s ultimate was not available, but the kill was not available, but it secured the messenger.

THE GRAND FINALE | MSI 2022 Finals Tease | T1 vs. RNG

The T1, which pushed the turret through the messenger, continued to fight the operation, and on the contrary, RNG continued to dive at the forefront of Camille to open the battle. At that time, ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk’s LeBlanc shed a fantastic dribbler, and the T1 took a profit. As such a 18-minute continued aspect, the T1 secured both the messenger and the dragon. Since then, “Keria” Ryu Min-suk has been greedy in the process of securing his view, but he has not been initiated.

The situation lasted up to 27 minutes, and finally, a formal stroke took place. It was the T1 that began to hit the dragon first, and RNG was killed in earnest by catching the Narge of Zeus, the hidden of Zeus. In the process, however, RNG consumed a large number of ultimates, and the T1, who ate the dragon, pushed in with the passive of Jinx and won the game. The T1, who ate Baron with the momentum, took the RNG’s surprise initiation, and won the game in five sets, winning the game.