Do you first need to play on my Time At Portia, and then in My Time At Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock is the second game of the Pathea developer following the My Time At Portia. Both games are simulators of life in which you play for the builder who came to the city of the corresponding game to help restore it. But since both games are similar, you may be interested in whether you need to play my time at Portia in front of My Time at Sandrock.

Jasmine's Hero?!! - My Time at Sandrock Alpha - Part 10
Answer no – You do not need to play My Time At Portia before playing my Time at Sandrock. Both games are autonomous, and you can play them without knowing another game. At the same time, you will have a richer experience if you play the first game to My Time At Sandrock. My Time at Sandrock will refer to the first game that you would not understand without playing it.

Is my Time at Sandrock a continuation of My Time At Portia?

My time in Sandrock is technically prequel and the continuation to “My time in Portia.” It begins before the story “My Time in Portia” and continues after it. Both games take place in different cities/areas and have different settings. But they have a similar story in which the builder comes to the city and helps the village.

Although My Time At Sandrock will mainly represent new characters, some characters from My Time At Portia will appear. This includes Mason, a builder in Sandrok, a Ministry of Entities, a marriage candidate in Portia, and Ginger, a marriage candidate in Portia. However, most of these characters will only have a secondary role.

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