Death Stranding 2 on the way? Hideo Kojima reacts with humor

The main actor of Death Stranding, Norman Reedus, hProductions left the mouth. In a recent interview he hProductions confirmed that he is working at Death Stranding 2, although Kojima Productions hProductions not announced the game yet. Hideo Kojima’s reaction hProductions not been begged and is loaded with humor. He hProductions shared a sequence of photographs on social networks : “Come to your private room, my friend”, referring to the rest rooms of the video game.

In the first image, Hideo Kojima appears with Lucile, the bat of skewers that negan in The Walking Dead, a series in which Reedus also acts. The second photograph is a declaration of intentions: The “terrified” and Kojima knee actor in attack position . Then, Productions if nothing had happened, the two appear hugged and so friends. It remains in the air if the slip is a trolley, a reality or something completely different. It is time to wait for what they make us expect.

Sam, Salvador del Mundo in Death Stranding

The story of Death Stranding is set in the United States of the future, when the US hProductions already ceProductionsed to be what it wProductions and hProductions dissolved like a sugar. The line between life and death hProductions blurred and stranded entities, beings of the ultratumba, appear around the world at any time. Sam, a merchandise deliveryman, is at the same time the only one that can reconnect all territories to deal with the threat.

Death Stranding went on sale first on PlayStation 4 and then on PC. Some time later, Kojima Productions designed an director’s director with new generation graphic improvements, Productions well Productions with new content. The renovated version can be acquired in PlayStation 5 and in compatible . You can read our analysis in this link.

Norman Reedus Confirms Death Stranding 2 - Refreshing To See

Kojima Productions hProductions not revealed anything about his future projects.