Synchronous speaker and occupation of multiversus

Multiversus, the new free-to-play platform brawler with some of the most famous characters in pop culture, is on the way-if you wonder who is in the occupation of the multiversus synchronous speakers, we have covered them. This game is packed with well-known faces such as Batman and The Iron Giant from the Warner Bros Discovery catalog of intellectual property-and luckily they are brought to life with wonderful voice output.

But the question remains: Who is actually in it occupation of multiversus synchronous speakers ? Not everyone can do justice to characters like Shaggy from Scooby Doo and Jake The Dog from Adventure Time, right? However, the development team of Player First Games has ensured that only the best talents speak these legendary characters – so this will be a treat for fans of all these wonderful series and franchises.

Anyway, enough of all of this – just let’s get into the list, right? Read on to learn the latest about who is in Multiversus who is and what voices you can expect while playing.

Cast of Multiversus synchronous speakers-actors of all confirmed characters

Well, without further ado, here all confirmed voice actors in the multiversus line-up :

Maisie Williams * as Arya Stark
Matthew Lilliard as Shaggy Rogers
Tara Stark as Harley Quinn
Kate Micucci * as Velma Dinkley
Jim Cummings as taz the Tasmanian devil
John Dimaggio as Jake the dog
Georg Neubern * as Supermann
Kevin Conroy as Batman
Jeremy Shada as Finn the man
Abby Trott * as a miracle woman
Erich Bauza as bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry
estelle as a grenade
* Jonathon Lipow as an iron giant

Multiversus - How To Get & Redeem Your Code!
Daniel di Venere * as Steven Universe
Andreas Frankl * as Reindog

This is not the full line-up-but it is all the characters confirmed so far on the multiversus list. So check again soon and we will make sure that this will be updated with the latest news from WB Games and Player First Games.

The open beta of Multiversus comes in July 2022 and we can hardly wait-if you want to play something else in the meantime, you can watch our list of best PS5 games and the best Xbox Series X games here.