League of Legends Jhin’s Skin Bug and Explaining

League of Legends is a very buggy game, like many other games on the market that are also not immune to occasional bugs here and there. Issues affecting gameplay are usually fixed quickly, but those involving the visual and sound parts can be just as annoying, which is not the case with a bug with Jhin showing off a hidden beauty of LoL.

The artist mounts his show.
The bug in question specifically involves the Dark Cosmic Jhin skin and his R – Curtain Down and interactions with other skins, such as the recent Zoe EDG. When The Virtuoso uses his ult while Zoe’s pomp with the latest world champion skin is inside the area of ​​effect, we can see a starry sky taking over much of the area.

Zoe’s ability takes up almost half the area of ​​Jhin’s ult, but it’s just a visual glitch that’s extremely beautiful to look at. YouTuber Vandiril, who is known for posting videos of LoL bugs and weird interactions, could quickly reproduce this bug as it doesn’t require anything extraordinary.

The bug occurs if the bubble is anywhere on Jhin’s ult, always the same size, but taking up different parts of the champion’s cone depending on where it is. The starry sky disappears if the original area of ​​effect hits any enemy or troop.

Zoe is not the only one affected by this beautiful bug
Once the bug was discovered, it was natural that the community looked for other circumstances in which it would be repeated. And it is possible to reproduce the same effect with a Sylas, specifically with the PROJECT skin.

The Unshackled jumps and climbs different futuristic structures using his chains during the return to base animation. But by doing this in the area of ​​effect of Jhin’s Dark Cosmic ult, players can see an entire cybernetic city, similar to what appears in the PROJECT: Mordekaiser skin.

Explaining the bug
There is a relatively simple explanation as to why this error occurs. Artists can design so-called skin layers to make certain parts of an effect appear only in a particular area. For example, Zoe’s pomp in the EDG skin has a mask that makes the galaxy effect only appear in the circular area that is, in fact, the range of its impact.

However, Jhin’s ult on this skin also applies an effect that sits on the same mask layer as Zoe’s E and Sylas’s memory, causing images of these champions to appear abruptly.

Users commented on the video stating that other Jhin skins that apply effects to his ultimate cone can reproduce the same effect, such as Shan Hai’s Jhin Scrolls. Another player reported that the same bug could be reproduced between Mordekaiser and Senna.
Despite being a bug, a good part of the community liked the interactions a lot and even asked that they not be removed, although we know that the chances of this happening are low. After all, it’s a visual glitch that can affect competitive play, and it’s a remote part of LoL that needs to stay behind the scenes, just as our favorite marksman would want.