What is Minecraft Scretch?

The Internet is constantly changing, as well as how people interact with games and create them. Recently, a site called scratching is distributed on the Internet and offers small games related to minecraft. What is this new site and how is it connected with the world of Minecraft?

All you need to know about minecraft scratch

Minecraft Scratch games are browser games created by users with Minecraft elements. Games such as Paper Minecraft allow young gamers to play for free and easy to manage the game for free. You can find games in which you play for Steve, break blocks or pass simple quiz.

All these programs were created by the same people as you, using the Scratch tool. There are no Minecraft official games on Scratch, and all the games that you can play on the site are created for educational purposes.

how to play minecraft

Minecraft scratch games will change depending on how the user created them. When you click on the game, the controls are always displayed in the easily readable menu of instructions located next to the game. In some games there can only be a few buttons, while in others there will be more than ten controls that you will need to use to play the game.

Your child will need some reading skills to play these games, since there are no voiced manuals for these games.

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How to make a game on Scratch

If you want to make the game yourself, then all you need to do is go to create at the top of the Scratch website. The creation tool is created to help children understand programming. Although at first this process may seem a little complicated, Scratch has several easy -to -understand guidelines that will help you start working on your first game.

In Scratch there is even a video Asya so that everyone could be involved in the design process. Games are also easily tuned, and you can create or load your own images and sounds. All this is described in teaching videos in which you will learn about everything, from how to force your character to fly to the choice of the perfect background.

The most pleasant thing is that the video appears in a small window on the coding page. This allows you to easily follow the step -by -step process without leafing through the tab.

What is a screw?

Scratch is an educational site intended for children aged 8 to 16 years due to the simple coding process. Users who load their games can leave comments to create a healthy community for young programmers. The site has 70 languages Available resources for teachers and a squeezer application for children from 5 to 7 years old.

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