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XL Games, P2E Aki World Land NFT Minting 23rd

[Choi Kwan Park Ye -jin reporter] XL Games is on the sale of land in the world of Arki World, the blockchain version of Archie Age.

XL Games (CEO Song Jae -kyung, Choi Kwan -ho) announced on the 16th that it will start a member of the Aki World website and will be informed and pre -registration events..

Aimed to launch Asia this summer, Aki World aims to implement meta buses, which can be used to own and trade various items such as the summons, rides, and equipment based on the land and house of the housing system, which is characterized by Archie Age. do.

The company unveiled Aki World’s white paper in April after finishing NFT Minting at the end of March. In the white paper, the introduction of Aki World included explanations of vision and tokenomics, and in -game coins, Blue Salt (BSLT) and NFT.

The land in the Aki World can be sprinkled with several kinds of seeds to cultivate each crop and trees, and can also raise livestock such as chickens, ducks and cows.

Land NFT Minting Participants, which starting on the 23rd, can permanently own the land designated in the Aki World Simry Open World, and build buildings, participate in various productions, and rent lands to the tenant’s monthly fee (BSLT ) You can receive it.

In addition, if you participate in the pre -registration that is in progress before the launch of Aki World, you will receive 1,000 Akium if you register and register your wallet.

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CEO Choi Kwan -ho said, “There are several virtual spaces on the market, but we want to showcase differentiated games where users can experience happiness in true methuses through Aki World.”