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Dunpa Mobile, the dismissal of internal employees leaked and accused of civil and criminals

What is Unfair Dismissal & How to Make a Claim
Nexon has dismissed employees who leaked tests and unpublished updates in Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dunpa Mobile).

On the 13th, Nexon posted a notice of test information leakage and measures through the official Dunpa Mobile community. According to the contents, Nexon was reported in early May that testing and undisclosed update information were leaked. Employees who leaked the government performed update testing as employees who were invested on the 28th after hiring. While the employee was working on a new job training at a new home on April 14, he exposed his work equipment to his acquaintances who visited his home.

Most of the leaked contents were updated in the game on the 28th, but the contents related to the element of Epic Creature were scheduled to be officially released on the 19th. Nexon suspended the account of the employee and acquaintance, and the employee was dismissed for internal information leakage. In addition, the contents of the leaked spirit king Epic Creature were released in advance.