Destiny 2 makes great changes in the iron banner in season 17

Holy Crap... Bungie just completely overhauled Iron Banner...
Destino 2 Season 17 will be launched at the end of this month, and Bungie has already announced a series of important changes that fans can expect. In the last edition of this week in Bungie, the study revealed that Iron Banner is no exception, and players can wait for an update on May 24 when the new season begins. To begin with, control is being replaced by Rift, and players can expect the iron iron mode to change every season. Iron Banner tokens are also replaced with a new reputation reward route. Players will have the opportunity to gain iron anger as their range increases and also unlock new cosmetics.

Iron Banner players can expect to see a new map when the 17th season begins. The new disjunction map “takes place in the swampy area of the pyramid of the world of Savathun’s throne”, and will be one of destino 2 the biggest maps until now. The map has also been designed taking into account different combat styles and, as a result, it will be interesting to see how players adapt.

However, it seems that Iron Banner will be very different next season, and these are just some of the changes that Bungie will implement. Fortunately, players will have the opportunity to have a better idea of these changes thanks to a new set of (mandatory) missions that will appear.

“For anyone who is scratching their heads with some of these changes, Lord Saladin will offer a new mission that will present all these characteristics and demonstrate how they work,” writes the main designer Alan Blaine. «You just have to execute it once on account, but with this restart we wanted everyone to receive the same presentation, even the veterans of Iron Banner must do this. In fact, you must start this search to even access the iron standard node ».

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