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LOL: 7 great controversies of the competitive legends that angered the community

If to balance a game like League of Legends It is not simple, it is still less managed a whole competitive system worldwide. Riot Games has stumbled on numerous occasions with the community due to the difficult decisions he has had to make regarding the parties or the attitude of the teams. It is not the first time that the developer is seen in a context similar to that recently happened in MSI 2022, where RNG will be forced to repeat three of her clashes due to a failure that had nothing to do with them.

The tensions between its different offices worldwide, the problems to give the rights of their tournaments to third parties, very ambiguous situations according to the very common regulations or weather in terms of communicating their decisions have caused many problems to the company. Of course, All these situations generated great controversies in the community . That is precisely what we want to focus today: in seven of the cases that seem more interesting to us in which a sanction of the managers of League of Legends competition gave rise to great discussions among fans.

The unfair treatment of RNG in the MSI 2021

Although in this edition they consider having received an unfair treatment from the company, from RNG they seem to be false. The team was very benefited in the last edition of the tournament due to a calendar adjustment that all fans considered inexplicable. The problem was in the choice of dates for the final qualifiers. DWG KIA It was necessary.

However, Riot Games decided to skip the regulations that appeared in the competition regulations referring to thus minimizing the impact of the MSI on regional competitions and ensuring that it was due to a logistics problem related to COVID. The truth is that the explanations were late and did not convince any1. To such an extent came the controversy that even the company’s Korean division put on the side of those who considered this change an outrage. The advantage that the additional day contributes to prepare the game is very considerable and, it had to see or not, the truth is that RNG ended up winning the tournament .

A disqualification under suspicion

Now we are going to go to more recent times. A few weeks ago, different clubs from the Vietnam region accused Garena, the company that manages League of Legends in Southeast Asia, of intentionally favoring a team (Genius Esports) in the ascent phase to the VCS. The problem was that The company disqualified one of its rivals (DNS Gaming) for sharing accounts in a way that was doubtful in the eyes of the community and for the rest of the participants. To such an extent came the matter that little was missing so that everyone (except the favored team) to retire from the tournament.

Genius eSports had stayed out of the competition, but was rescued due to this situation and has finally achieved the square in the VCS , so it will compete to be in the next Worlds. After additional evidence, it does not seem to be an arbitrary decision. Garena has shown that this behavior would have taken place. However, his way of communicating it in the first instance was an absolute disaster. The company’s argument was not held and used as contextual tests, such as the champions they had used in the competition.

The truth is that this is a clear example of how not to communicate things to the community . Even local media echoed the scandal and the image of Garena, already damaged by her disastrous management of League of Legends, has been more damaged despite the fact that they seem to have made the right decision.

A failure in the old League of Legends tournaments

Riot Games the mess with the World Cup of the second season. The second Worlds from League of Legends had a spectacular scenario and helped build a competitive system that still endures. However, those responsible for their organization sinned rookies when placing the teams. The reason was very simple: the players could turn their heads and look at the big screen that was shown to the public, obtaining information about the game in real time. A ruling that not many teams could be used tangible, but that ended with a great fine for the Korean team and in the runner -up dessert of the world Azubu Frost .

According to the analysis of Riot Games after the quarterfinal games, Azubu Frost obtained relevant information from the game and changed his way of playing based on the data obtained, so they fined 30,000 dollars. However, if only the Koreans were sanctioned, it is because they were the only ones capable of taking advantage of the traps. In total, four teams were warned . The truth is that in the multiple pauses that were due to technical difficulties, it was tempting to turn the head and take a look at what the rivals did and Riot Games learned that it should avoid putting this temptation before the players.

The constant pauses of giants

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It will not be the only time in which the giants appear in this compilation and in this case we have to exonerate Riot Games. LVP Super League fans suffered an infernal match when Giants was measured to S2V . Inexplicably, the players of the Malaga team constantly fell from the game while their rivals tried to behave sportsly and not obtain an advantage of the situation. So far the thing is already bad, but we still have to add the fact that some giants members rose from their seats and left the scene for some moments of the pause.

The truth is that problem management reminded the worst moments of the online competition. The regional leagues do not contemplate Internet problems as a legitimate reason to postpone a game and there was also no great punishment for giants to leave the game area. From a human level it can be understood due to frustration, but many members of the community distrust that competitive integrity of League of Legends had been preserved. It should be noted that the game was key for the Malaga team to qualify for playoffs and also ended up winning the competition.

When CLG went to South Korea

We return to League of Legends to pay attention to an unthinkable situation that took place when it ended at the 2014 Summer Split. During the regular tournament, CLG wanted to be smarter than any1. Seeing that nothing was played in the last week of the League phase when they were already classified for playoffs and that there was no clear regulation that prevented it, they decided Align five substitutes to finish the competition while the team traveled to Korea from the south to train before the qualifiers. However, it was not something that Riot Games took too well and, referring to a communication problem, the developer did not offer accounts to the players so they could play on the live server of the region.

This situation caused CLG players to look for life to play alone while their stay in the country lasted. A situation that led them to share accounts and motivated an official punishment by Riot Games Korea . As much as it was the error of the developer who would have caused her performance against the regulation, they did not want to leave them without a penalty. The community was quite pissed off, but the truth is that for practical purposes the measures remained nothing. Four dollars were imposed on four players of the workforce and a two -year sanction in all competitions managed by Ogn.

Of course, it didn’t matter. Ogn only carried the competitions in South Korea , a league that has never thrown from foreign players in its maximum division. In any case, the most fun turn in history is that the playoffs were not even classified.

A negligence of Riot Games that sentenced Giants

We talk about the giants with which it is probably the most controversial decision in the history of the competitive legends for Spanish fans . It took place in a match between Giants and Vitality at the 2017 LCS EU Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Split. During the game, the Spanish team had the lead and had many options to close the game. It had a difference of 23% gold, three towers more than its rivals and three dragons achieved. However, a bug from Orianna crossed the road to victory. Nukeduck experienced it, then Mid Laner of Vitality.

The problem is that the ball with which the champion launches all her abilities of her became invisible every time she used the E (order: protect) . As the Chronobreak tool did not exist, the party had to restart because Giants did not reach Riot Games criteria to receive an immediate victory. In this way, the team ended up losing the match. Worst of all, Riot Games was aware of the bug from a couple of months before. Even if it affected a very popular champion and it was relatively frequent, they decided not to correct it.

Everything is said, finally there were not many qualifying consequences. Although Giants can refer loss of motivation for that varapalo, They won to be colistas and also lost in the game for maintaining the square against Fnatic Academy.

A sanction that nobody would discuss now

Although now they are very far away, SK Gaming became one of the most powerful organizations of the European Legends League and even qualified for the 2014 Worlds. He succeeded with a very good quintet that had hopes of Going from groups, but which was dismantled because of one of its players. It was a thing of Svenskeren , which decided to use as a name “taipei ching chong” when preparing to compete in China. A racist appellation that tries to make fun of the native languages of Asia.

Not happy with that, the player also decided to insult many of the players he was in qualifying games. It was almost a miracle that Riot Games only sanctioned him during the first three games . However, there was controversy because he was a European player and then there was not so much sensitivity to racism. It goes without saying that the punishment was fair and that the player had even received notices. However, he made deaf ears thinking more powerful than all since the Worlds of League of Legends were about to begin. The result was that SK lost his first three games and, despite the comeback in the second round, he was eliminated because of his jungle.