[Interview] I cant dry the crayon, the short summer vacation

My summer vacation series Ayabe Kazu and Chan -gu can not be dried to use IP to melt the calm summer vacation story and the unique story of the theater version. Dr. Me and Dr. Summer Vacation ~ 7 days of travel that doesn’t end ~ Recently, developer Ayabe Kazu told a variety of stories about games that found domestic fans.


On the 14th, Ayabe Kaz gave a greeting through the video.

Ayabe Kaz is a creator who showed my summer vacation series through PlayStation. In particular, in the summer vacation development of Chan -gu, he participated in various parts such as planning, scenarios, and art settings.

Chan -gu’s summer vacation showed a cartoon rendering that crosses 2D and 3D. Ayabe Kaz said that this technique has shown similar techniques in my masterpiece of summer vacation, and uses the same background as the 2D animation background to express the part of living in the life or the world every day. In particular, the summer vacation of Chan -gu was made based on the popular cartoon or animation of Chan -gu, so the background of the animation was used in the game to make it feel. In addition, Ayabe Kazu himself said that he could save it because he had the know -how he showed in his past works.

As is known earlier, the voice in the game was dubbed in Korean. Every morning, the gymnastics part was processed later due to lack of time, but in addition to the opening, all parts can be played with full localization in the game.

Aya Be Kaz said he was surprised that he was so luxurious in all parts of localization. In addition, many fans wanted to play a really good Korean work.

Meanwhile, he said that Aya Be Kaz has actually thought about the winter vacation game, not summer vacation. However, he said that he has not been developed yet for various reasons, but he wants to make this one day.

Each country has a different sensibility of rural life. This was also important in localizing, but Chan -gu’s summer vacation is Japan’s stage, but the summer vacation experience is different and has something in common. It was the localization of the work by Ayabe Kazu that it was a way to make sure that everyone could sympathize with. He also said that that would be good to the fans.

Meanwhile, Ayabecaz recalled 15 years ago in the development of the summer vacation series. At the time, he had a chance to talk to Yukio Aoshima, a broadcaster and actor who served as Governor of Tokyo. He thought he had made a summer vacation game about the game, but fans were worried about the a little bit of a nostalgic nostalgia.

Yukio Aoshima said that it was because Ayabe Kazu was from Hokkaido. Because it was born and raised in the short summer Hokkaido, the disappointment of the short summer is revealed. Yukio Aoshima advised Aya Be Kazu to be fun rather than worrying about her life, but not to hide something sad somewhere.

Chan -gu’s summer vacation is based on the Kyushu province, and may be more exciting and pleasant than other staff because it is related to Ayabe Kaz’s hometown of Hokkaido. But from his director’s point of view, Aya Be Kazu said, however. In fact, in the second half of the game, you will eventually feel that the summer vacation is over.

Meanwhile, the video interview was held at the home of Ayabe Kazu, and the cherry tree seen by the window blossomed and recorded in the background. Thanks to this, my summer vacation’s distinctive atmosphere was expressed in the interview.