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Evil Dead the Game by Sabre Interactive awakens the apparently endless struggle of Ash Williams against Kandarian Demons and the Army of Darkness as an asymmetrical action horror game that she will keep coming back. At first glance, you may scream for “multiplayer game”, but if you want to play Evil Dead the Game Solo or in single player mode, you are lucky. The single player mission list from The Evil Dead The Game offers fans the opportunity to experience some of the most iconic moments of Ash again, and we have everything you need to know below.

The Evil Dead the Game single player mission list will not offer the players a complete story mode campaign experience, but it is damn close-and a fantastic offer when you consider that asymmetrical action horror games like Dead by Daylightt and Friday the 13th are missing from single player content. If you are looking for a summary of the most important moments in Ash’s adventures before you plunge into a Survivors vs. Demons game, this is also a great place for it.

So read on to find out everything you need to know about the mission list available in Evil Dead the Game – and a little teaser about what is in stock when you decide to try them out.

Evil Dead the Game single player mission list

At the moment, only a handful of single player missions are available in the game. However, there are many reasons why you should try them out. So here are all missions in the single player mission list by Evil Dead the Game:

if you love someone, free him… with a chainsaw
* If the love of your life is obsessed by a demon, you can end your suffering the fastest by heading and burying it. At least you talk to this, but Linda’s qualification is still pursuing you. You once gave her a necklace as a symbol of her love. Maybe you will donate a little comfort if you find it.

* Party down!
* The bad news is that a few punks Ash’s classic vehicle stole. The really bad news is that the Necronomicon was in the trunk. When these joyrid play around with the book, we are all our ass, but Ash has a plan: lures the thieves back by collecting some Wiseman’s Brew and throwing the party of the century.

EVIL DEAD THE GAME Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PS5] - No Commentary
* Kill them all
* These creepy forests are full of deadites. Someone has to clean the house, someone with one hand and an S-Mart carabiner. Salvation the king.

It won’t let go! *
* Pablo is not the guy who lets a friend down. Tonight he found this note: “Hey little buddy. These forests are too full. Let’s go hunting. Grab a car and meet me at the Fairview Campground. Byowaa (weapons and ammunition). You are buddy, Ash ”
King of return *
* Oh, how the spit turned. Lord Arthur is now the man from the time. Only the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon can open a crack in space and time that leads home. Send Arthur back to his kingdom and harvest the rewards of a grateful king.

Well, that’s all you need to know about the mission list for single players that is currently available in Evil Dead the Game. Take a look at everything you can get for the conclusion of these missions in our guidelines for the rewards of the Evil Dead the Game missions. It is also worth reading our guidelines to reduce fear in Evil Dead the Game before you get in – this will be the greatest threat that you are exposed to in the game.