Destiny 2 season 17 brings Iron Banner changes, the Rift

Destiny 2’s witch queen has been outside for a while, and most guards have fought through the campaign, ended the RAID and now have weekly quests to bridge them until season 17. But Bungie has now announced some interesting changes for the new season, which is due in just more than a week, and this includes striking changes to the way the hardcore PVP mode Iron Banner is played.

According to a new bungie blog post, Power Level is deactivated in Iron Banner to make the mode friender more friendly for newer players. However, this is not the only change from Iron Banner, since the contribution also states that Bungie Iron Banner changes from the Control game mode to Rift, a recurring fan favorite that was highly in demand by the community.

Rift Returns, HUGE Iron Banner Changes & Eververse Blunder (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen
For the new season, a new card called Disjunction is also introduced, which was specially developed for the new Rift mode. “It is one of our largest cards so far, but contains areas that are made for various combat styles, especially for local, medium and long-distance battles,” says the article. At each end, the card has a base with three lanes that connect it and “plays in the swampy pyramid area of Savathûn’s throne world”.

Traditionally, Iron Banner was a PvP mode that does not balance the players’ power level, which means that everyone who has a higher level has an advantage. The performance levels will continue to play a role in Trials of Osiris-the other PvP final mode-since the mode remains unchanged.

For season 17, bungie will also mix up the way they earn the reputation of the iron banner by removing tokens and replacing them with a new ranking system. The new season also brings a new event called Cosplay Kosmodromda’s members of the community to dress up like Savathûn.